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We're just a couple of local filmmakers looking to share with the world One Team's story of inspiration and unity. One Team Film is a passion project for all involved and we could never do it without your continued support. We are most grateful for any contribution you may be able to give. 

To make a donation please send a check payable to:

One Team Film, LLC
P.O. Box 3911
Portland, ME 04104

Thank you to the following people/groups who have made this film possible. We are grateful for your time, support and belief in this very special project. Because of you, we get to share this story with the world. 

The 2015 Lewiston High School Boys Soccer Team, Coach Mike McGraw, Jason Fuller, Bill Webster, Lewiston High School, Lewiston School District, Kim Wettlaufer, Erin Reed, The Trinity Jubilee Center, Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services, Lewiston Soccer Boosters, Lewiston Sun Journal, Johnny Mehler, Kate Thompson, Ramsey Tripp and Trademark R Productions, Caitlin Frank, Tom Scola.
Thank you to all of our Indiegogo backers: Edmund Hughes, Alan Bainbridge, Kristie Small, Chris Cloutier, Thomas J. Anthoine IV, Kim Guerin, Brian Andrews, Henry Bainbridge, Jadine Crane, Steven Triggs, Gayle Sirois, Jayson Labozzo, Kathleen Ellen Clough, Scott & Dayna Merrow, Bob McDonough, Kelly Rich, Cassandra Waterman, Whitney Condit & The Condit Family, Alison Roberts, Pamela Johnson, Judith Redding, Henry Loughlin, Erin Enberg, Natasha Sala, Emily Zarookian, Annika Black, Vanessa Rhoads, House Productions, Kirke Curtis, Anne Ryan, Brian Ryan, Nick Doody, Jon Bell, Jean Bennett, Kate Pagliasotti, Sara Stone, Mary Grove, B. Shulman, Melinda & Ralph Harder, Edward Walworth, Nick Lagemann, Maisy & Lucy Woodman, Gaeten Metra & Dawn Blindauer, Lauren Daniels, Joanie Kallin, Anne Mowat, Susan Weiss, Brigit McCallum, Tom Deschenes, Jeffrey Bruni, Dave Clough, Michael McInnis, Maya Tepler, Scott Clough, Kevin & Kashina Cusson, Ian & Lindsay Verville, Theodore Lakeman, Laura Davis, Matt Chateauvert.